BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterAdd header for int typesDirk Engling5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-06-29Add header for int typesHEADmasterDirk Engling
2019-06-29Clean up 1992 post processingDirk Engling
2019-03-20Add code to lookup new zip codes for 1995 entries and fix up streetnamesDirk Engling
2019-03-07Make postprocessing scripts more resilientDirk Engling
2019-03-07Build all postprocess tools with makeDirk Engling
2019-03-07Add tiny script that runs the zip code sorterDirk Engling
2019-03-07Add tiny script running parallel instances of merge_entriesDirk Engling
2019-03-07merge_entries uses siphash to identify common chunksDirk Engling
2019-03-07Turn postgres description document into proper sql batchDirk Engling
2019-03-07Rework merge_entries to account for chunks moving between Zusaetze and Verweise columnDirk Engling
2019-03-04unify column cleansingDirk Engling
2019-03-04Add quotingDirk Engling
2019-02-24Add more detailsDirk Engling
2019-02-23Add code for database importDirk Engling
2019-02-05Add proper tabs in empty koordinaten filesDirk Engling
2019-02-04Make sort_plz work on single files instead of creating all the columnsDirk Engling
2019-02-04Further unify output for all yearsDirk Engling
2019-02-03Branchen lookup for v4 has been renamedDirk Engling
2019-02-02First attempt to sort for unificationsDirk Engling
2019-02-01Speed up v3 decompression, add feedbackDirk Engling
2019-01-30Add branch name mapper code for v3Dirk Engling
2019-01-29Protect spaces in file namesDirk Engling
2019-01-29Make seq behave like jotDirk Engling