AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
12 daysAdd proper tabs in empty koordinaten filesHEADmasterDirk Engling
12 daysMake sort_plz work on single files instead of creating all the columnsDirk Engling
13 daysFurther unify output for all yearsDirk Engling
13 daysBranchen lookup for v4 has been renamedDirk Engling
2019-02-02First attempt to sort for unificationsDirk Engling
2019-02-01Speed up v3 decompression, add feedbackDirk Engling
2019-01-30Add branch name mapper code for v3Dirk Engling
2019-01-29Protect spaces in file namesDirk Engling
2019-01-29Make seq behave like jotDirk Engling
2019-01-29depth -> maxdepthDirk Engling
2019-01-29Make getting the size platform dependentDirk Engling
2019-01-29Dispatch expansion for linus and bsdDirk Engling
2019-01-28Avoid warning for inline functionDirk Engling
2019-01-28Try to make accessing filenames with spaces more robustDirk Engling
2019-01-27let main return 0Dirk Engling
2019-01-27C99Dirk Engling
2019-01-27Linux also needs GNU SOURCEDirk Engling
2019-01-27Add stdint for uintptr_tDirk Engling
2019-01-24Found an index of most CD/DVDDirk Engling
2019-01-22Add support for yellow pages format after 2003Dirk Engling
2019-01-22Add code that looks up Branchen names by codesDirk Engling
2019-01-22Add code that looks up Branchen names by codesDirk Engling
2019-01-22formattingDirk Engling
2015-12-24Put spaces between parametersDirk Engling
2015-12-23Split argument list to cat in handy 128 file chunksDirk Engling
2015-12-22seq does not do fancy formats. use printfDirk Engling
2015-06-09Document version 4Dirk Engling
2015-06-03Document how to invoke the script(s)Dirk Engling
2015-06-03Accumulate return value of write() to finally silence warningsDirk Engling
2015-06-03Use a jot wrapper for LinuxDirk Engling
2015-06-03make our invocation of sed GNU and BSD proofDirk Engling
2015-06-02Avoid warning for unused return valueDirk Engling
2015-06-02Use paste rather than lam to concatenateDirk Engling
2015-06-02Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/origin/master'Dirk Engling
2015-06-02Add join tool to use after the makelam scriptDirk Engling
2015-06-02Cleanup known broken input data, build join.cDirk Engling
2015-06-02Make linker use lm after it is usedDirk Engling
2015-06-02Avoid warnings for unused return valuesDirk Engling
2015-06-02Document version 3Dirk Engling
2015-06-02Make main return 0Dirk Engling
2015-05-19Documentation of version 2Dirk Engling
2015-05-19Clean up record dumper for version 2 to better match documentationDirk Engling
2015-05-19Fix variable names to match documentation (and a slightly saner scheme)Dirk Engling
2015-05-18Fixup known borken street listDirk Engling
2015-05-16whitespacesDirk Engling
2015-05-16Normalize flags in v1Dirk Engling
2015-05-15Renumbering for one unused fileDirk Engling
2015-05-15Move the files to standard name schemeDirk Engling
2015-05-15implement the zip code overrideDirk Engling
2015-05-14Fix a field I mixed up in continuationsDirk Engling