path: root/vchat-ssl.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-05-16Decouple IO openssl's BIO abstraction and split connection and tls handling to allow for other TLS libsDirk Engling
2016-08-27Adapt to openssl 1.1.0 APIDirk Engling
2016-04-15Reformat fingerprint display for better readabilityDirk Engling
2016-04-15Fix last patch (that was committed blindly)Dirk Engling
2016-04-15Make fingerprint pinning an optionDirk Engling
2016-04-15add chompDirk Engling
2016-04-15More fixes to fingerprint checker codeDirk Engling
2016-04-15Fix fingerprint verification codeDirk Engling
2016-04-15Also allow ignoring SSL error, if fingerprinting is enabledDirk Engling
2014-11-16Keep pulling openssl's tentacles out of protocol codeDirk Engling
2014-05-07use version-independent cipherlist againerdgeist
2014-04-30merge github patcheserdgeist
2014-04-16reintroduce ignssl, safeguard pinningAndreas Kotes
2014-04-16Fix trailing spaceserdgeist
2014-04-16Merge from githuberdgeist
2014-04-16store & verify server cert fingerprintAndreas Kotes
2014-04-16fix version stringsAndreas Kotes
2014-04-16version 0.19Andreas Kotes
2014-04-15Specify client methoderdgeist
2014-04-15use SSLv23_client_method & force cipherstringAndreas Kotes
2014-04-15Display cipher list, thanks to counterdgeist
2014-04-15Enforce strong cryptoerdgeist
2014-04-15disable RC4 explicitlyAndreas Kotes
2014-04-15don't check cipher if SSL object not availableAndreas Kotes
2014-04-15allow the use of TLSv1 / TLSv1_1 againAndreas Kotes
2014-04-15show cipher being usedAndreas Kotes
2014-04-15change to use TLSv1_2 (or maybe later)Andreas Kotes
2010-08-27Tidy up ssl code, move all ssl related stuff to vchat-ssl and clean up some wrinkles in cert verificationerdgeist
2010-07-30Can do v6 and reconnect.erdgeist
2009-08-28One data type is const in opensslerdgeist
2007-06-27Introducing new ssl codeerdgeist