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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-05-25Fixing file permissionsDirk Engling
2022-05-21Reformatted using clang-format -format llvmDirk Engling
2015-01-19Username checks need to terminate at 0, not at strlen(g_nick)Dirk Engling
2014-04-16fix version stringsAndreas Kotes
2014-01-05Dict handling to allow custom completion from user dictionaryDirk Engling
2012-02-27missing variable declarationserdgeist
2012-02-27Make user matching sort alphabetically and obey case settingserdgeist
2012-02-27declare configure int in vchat.herdgeist
2012-02-27Complete rewrite of user handling. HEADS UP\!erdgeist
2007-06-27Its not bad to know about yourselferdgeist
2006-01-26unsigned char tidy up, query modeerdgeist
2004-02-01Bell on PM // Match username && username:erdgeist
2003-05-28own name in userlisterdgeist
2003-04-03Compiles again, but TAB on start doesn't work perfecterdgeist
2003-04-03Stupid Readline Completionerdgeist
2003-02-12CVS moved to erdgeist.orgerdgeist